Take the First Step Towards Fulfilling Your Dreams in Japan! Beginner's Japanese Course

Facing life's challenges? Wondering how to secure a stable income, carve out a new career path, or succeed in Japan? What's the first step?

This Course is Ideal for People Who:

  • Are interested in Japanese culture and have considered working in Japan at least once.
  • Are not satisfied with their current job or income, or who aspire to aim higher.
  • Wish to support their family with a more stable income or find better future opportunities.
  • Want to expand their skills and possibilities in life.
  • Are too busy with daily work and chores to find time for their dreams and goals.


Perfect Content for Those Seeking New Challenges and Changes

Living in provincial cities in the Philippines comes with many challenges. Without a college degree, it's even harder to find a good job with decent pay. Moreover, employment opportunities are often limited if you are no longer young. How can you support your family and secure a stable income?

What I can teach is "working in Japan." Japan respects diligence and sincerity; earnest work can indeed lead to a prosperous life. Especially in agriculture, food factories, and construction, there's a serious shortage of labor, increasing demand for foreign workers. This presents a great opportunity and a new future for you seeking a new chance.

However, to make the most of this opportunity, you need to learn Japanese and understand Japanese culture and work practices. This page will show you how to prepare and what steps to take for employment in Japan. I am fully committed to supporting your first step towards a new life in Japan.This content will be your first step towards a new life in Japan. 

There's No Backdoor to Working in Japan!

In the past, many foreigners worked in Japan on illegal visas. However, such practices are now strictly cracked down on. Those caught can never return to Japan. But there's a proper way to work in Japan. Please read through as I explain the process, which is without exception.

It involves utilizing the Specific Skills Workers Visa.

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What The Specific Skills Workers Visa?

Introduced in April 2019, it's an agreement between the Japanese government and your government to issue a work visa. There are no exceptions due to the government-to-government agreement.

This applies to 12 industries, including...

  1. Nursing care: Working in care facilities
  2. Agriculture: Cultivation and breeding management
  3. Food manufacturing: Production and processing of food and beverages
  4. Construction: Civil engineering and architecture
  5. Lodging: Front desk, cleaning, and hospitality services in accommodation facilities
  6. Building cleaning: Interior cleaning of buildings
  7. Food service industry: Cooking and customer service, store management
  8. Fishing: Capture and treatment of aquatic animals, operation of fishing gear
  9. Aviation: Airport ground handling, aircraft maintenance
  10. Automobile maintenance: Routine inspection and specific maintenance of vehicles
  11. Shipbuilding and marine industry: Welding, painting, ironworking
  12. Electrical and electronic information related, metal material & industrial machinery

The Advantages of Specific Skills Workers Visa include:

  1. Ability to work for up to 5 years (with plans to remove this limit in the future)
  2. Possibility to change jobs within the same industry in Japan
  3. All expenses from being hired to arriving in Japan are covered by the Japanese company

Who Can Apply?

  1. Must have passed a Japanese language test (JLPT N4 level or JFT A2 level)
  2. Must have passed the skill exam for the applied industry
    • For nursing care, a national qualification NC2 is also required
  3. Must be over 18 years old, a high school graduate, and healthy (with a medical examination)
  4. Must be under 36 years old (exceptions exist, with employment history depending on experience and conversational ability in Japanese)
  5. Must have no criminal record, no Tatoo


How Do You Find a Job?

 Specific Skills Visa can be applied for by accredited agent companies by DMW (Department of Migration Workers, formerly POEA) on your behalf and on behalf of Japanese companies. Information on working in Japan can be obtained from the agents' SNS or websites.

There are many job openings!
But some Problems

Let me be honest, having heard from many people, there are mainly two problems:

You need to meet the conditions mentioned above.

Even if you have lived in Japan and are good at conversational Japanese, you need to pass a Japanese language proficiency test to prove it.


Another problem is that obtaining a visa can take time.

Due to the screening process by the DMW in the Philippines and the Japanese side, some people wait for as short as six months or as long as a year.


What Can You Do?
Try studying for an hour a day. Vocabulary and grammar are important in learning Japanese. Concentrate on studying in the morning or before bed during weekdays. It is recommended to use a textbook because you might not know what to study in order. Use SNS on weekends for a little longer study sessions, about two hours.

How to Use SNS

Use videos from YouTube and other SNS as a point of reference. They are useful when you want to understand something that was not clear in the textbook. It's even better if you can find a Japanese person who can answer your questions and practice directly with you.

How Long Will It Take?
Like any language, you'll need about 100 hours of study time to complete the beginner level.

1-3 months: Learn basic words and grammar while studying basic conversational phrases. You'll be able to introduce yourself and talk about your hobbies.

4-6 months: While memorizing beginner-level grammar, you'll learn expressions using kanji and about Japanese culture. You'll be able to introduce your country and use Japanese on trips.

7-9 months: While preparing for the test, review the grammar you've studied so far. You'll head towards passing the Japanese language test with confidence.

After Passing: Contact an agent in the Philippines that supports the skill exam. Many agents offer free lessons for the skill exam, and they will also introduce you to jobs after passing. From here, you just need to find a job and wait for visa approval to go to Japan.

You're Not Alone! For those who think they can't do it alone, we've prepared a straightforward Japanese video course from scratch.

Using popular textbooks

We've created 60 hours of video based on a thoughtfully designed textbook for communication. The videos are in Japanese but come with English subtitles. Of course, you can also download the textbook and study on your own.

Whenever you want online

Videos can be accessed from PCs and mobile devices anytime! Each video lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, so you can download the dedicated app and study efficiently whenever you have a good connection. You can study during work breaks or just before bed.

Check your monthly goals here

Exclusive for members, we offer online group lessons once a month (Saturday or Sunday) to practice conversation and solve your problems. You can ask questions anytime via the app, email, or chat.


You might think this is no different from other courses! But we've added more support for you!

Take on the test questions

For those aiming to pass the JLPT N4, you can tackle actual past exam questions online. Answers are provided immediately, and you can ask questions anytime if you're unsure. 


Work in Japan

After passing the JLPT, you'll need to prepare for working in Japan. Some agents in your country offer free courses for skill exams. For members who have completed the SSW application, we also offer practice for interviews. We're committed to supporting your dream of working in Japan.


[Money-Back Guarantee]

Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities. If the course content does not meet your expectations, we offer a full refund within 30 days of course commencement. This is a testament to the quality of education we provide and our confidence in your investment in learning Japanese.


Special Offer


  • 60 hours of videos with English subtitles
  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Monthly online group lessons
  • Tackle JLPT N4 past questions
  • Support for skill exams & interview preparations
  • Peace of mind with a full money-back guarantee

You can watch the video immediately after the payment is completed

You can watch the video immediately after the payment is completed.If you pay by credit card or PayPal, you can immediately log in to the membership site and start studying. If you would like to transfer money to a bank account in Japan or Gcash, please send us a message.

About Me Teacher NODA 

Thank you for reading this far. I began my career as a Japanese language teacher in South Korea in 2009. Through online and one-on-one instruction, I realized many students studied Japanese as a hobby. However, when I first met students in the Philippines, it was different. They were learning Japanese with dreams in their eyes, aiming to improve their lives. Inspired by their enthusiasm and sparkling eyes, I decided to create a special Japanese course for people in Asia, those aspiring to work in Japan, and those already living there.

The one thing that sets me apart from other Japanese language teachers is my experience in various business ventures, including internet sales, restaurants, guesthouses, and Bitcoin investment, experiencing both failures and successes. I've also worked numerous part-time jobs in my youth.

Your Life might be challenging now, but improving your Japanese skills can undoubtedly make it better. We are eager to support you on your journey of growth and success.


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